Meeting to consider HB 850, HB 1633 and HB 2084

Senate Health and Human Services Committee

Wednesday, July 3, 2024 | Off the Floor

Rules Committee Conference Room


Call to Order

  • House Bill 850 (Parker) – Amending the Human Services Code to permit SNAP and WIC participants to utilize benefits for diapers and menstrual hygiene products, and requiring the Department to apply for USDA waivers necessary to implement these changes.
  • Amendment A05412 (Brooks) – Making waiver applications discretionary rather than mandatory, providing expiration dates for application authority, and requiring an impact study.
  • House Bill 1633 (Frankel) – Prohibiting the enforcement of certain noncompete covenants entered into by health care practitioners and employers.
  • Amendment A05240 (Brooks) – Clarifying definitions, modifying applicability and exceptions, revising notice requirements, and requiring an impact study.

Recess to the Call of the Chair.

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