Brooks Announces $9.4 Million in Infrastructure Improvement Funding

HARRISBURG – Sen. Michele Brooks (R-50) announced today that nearly $9.4 million in funding was approved for water system improvements in Sandy Lake Borough, as well as storm sewer improvements in the Borough of Greenville.

Sandy Lake Borough will receive a grant totaling more than $4.2 million, combined with a 1% low-interest loan for more than $4.1 million, which will be repaid over 30 years. Currently, the drinking water distribution system experiences more than 60 waterline breaks per year due to fractures in cast iron, copper and cement lined pipes. Acidic soil in the project area results in service saddles and fittings rusting off, leading to high rates of water loss.

The borough will install approximately 22,000 feet of new waterline, 30 new fire hydrants and related parts. It will also replace approximately 300 existing service lines and install new meters for residential customers. Sandy Lake Borough’s system serves approximately 238 residential customers in the Borough of Sandy Lake and 20 residential customers in a small adjacent portion of Sandy Lake Township.

“Investing in this infrastructure project is an essential part of delivering a dependable water supply to our communities. By reducing the number of breaks in the waterlines and preventing the associated water loss that occurs, this significant amount of grant dollars, combined with the low-interest loan, will help offset increased costs for community residents. It will not only ensure continued reliable delivery of water but will also greatly reduce the cost of maintenance and repair in the future,” Brooks said.

In addition, the Borough of Greenville will receive a 1% low-interest loan for nearly $798,000 to be repaid over 20 years to upgrade a section of stormwater infrastructure serving the area of North Third Street.

A corroded pipe will be replaced with 710 feet of new 36-inch diameter high-density polyethylene pipe. Two small retention ponds will be constructed near 44 N. Third Street to control velocity of stormwater discharging into the receiving waterway. Three new inlets, four manholes and associated restoration will be included in the project upgrades.

The stormwater system serves approximately 2,100 households in the Borough of Greenville. The system is owned by the borough and leased to the Greenville Sanitary Authority for financial oversight and billing. The borough performs day-to-day maintenance activities for the system under a management agreement. An annual stormwater user rate is charged to borough property owners.

“This is a project that will help prevent potential flooding and route stormwater away from the borough’s business district, the PENNVEST funding will also help offset the costs to the residents for these upgrades,” Brooks said.

PENNVEST approved the funding at its board meeting today. The state’s PENNVEST Program provides low-interest loans and grants for the design, engineering and construction of drinking water distribution facilities, stormwater conveyance and wastewater treatment and collection systems.


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