Sen. Brooks Announces $20 Million in Grants and Loans for Infrastructure Improvements in Meadville

(HARRISBURG) July 20, 2022—The Meadville Area Sewer Authority has been awarded $20 million in funding from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PennVEST) to upgrade an aging wastewater treatment plant, according to Senator Michele Brooks, who supported the funding request.  The plant is 25 years old and serves the City of Meadville, West Mead Township, and parts of Vernon Township.

PennVEST’s funding to Meadville comes in the form of approximately $16.2 million in grant funding and a $3.8 million loan, Brooks explained.

The plant experiences frequent mechanical failures, and its ultraviolent disinfection system has deteriorated over the years. It has also been plagued by power outages, equipment failures and a leaking roof.

Funding will help with a new back-up generator, roof, grit and grease equipment, ultraviolet disinfection, and other much-needed improvements.

Without the funding, users would have been burdened with a 21 percent increase in rates, experts estimated. 

“I appreciate the Meadville Sewer Authority for submitting such a strong application,” said Brooks.  “It is my hope that these funds will alleviate the high cost of these repairs for residents, which can be extremely challenging for our families, communities and businesses.  By making forward-thinking investments in our infrastructure, we can help to ensure that residents can afford the necessities of life, businesses have the resources they need to grow, and the area has the revenue to reduce maintenance and replacement costs long-term. This project will build a strong foundation for the future for the residents and families of Crawford County.” 

Kim Mourer, Executive Director of the Meadville Area Sewer Authority, said, “We are incredibly grateful to Senator Brooks for her support for our community and for our protected waterway!


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