Longietti, Brooks: $223,000 awarded for Hermitage stream restoration project

HERMITAGE, March 15 – New funding of $223,000 will help the city of Hermitage complete a project to restore a section of the Bobby Run stream, state Rep. Mark Longietti, D-Mercer, and state Sen. Michele Brooks, R-Crawford/Mercer/Erie/Warren, announced today.

The lawmakers said the funding from the Department of Community and Economic Development will allow the city to address erosion and sediment runoff that have deposited high levels of phosphorus into a section of the stream located several hundred feet west of the PA Route 18 and 518 intersection.                              

“This section of Bobby Run Stream has been plagued by erosion and designated impaired by the state Department of Environmental Protection because of high phosphorous levels entering as runoff,” Longietti said. “The sediments have damaged water quality and endangered the ecosystem.

“The city has already begun efforts to slow erosion and stabilize the stream bank, but more work has been needed. The new grant will help the city complete the project by funding more substantial efforts – including installation of plantings, rock clusters, and other structures – that should slow the pollutant loading and restore nearly 750 feet of the stream located upstream of the Longview Road bridge.”

Brooks said, “I appreciate the incredible amount of time and effort everyone contributed to help this project come to fruition. I am confident that it will prove to be a great asset to not only the community but to Mercer County families as a whole.”

Hermitage City Manager Gary Hinkson said, “The city of Hermitage appreciates the support from Representative Longietti and Senator Brooks to obtain this grant. The grant will assist the city in making required stream restoration improvements that will stabilize the stream banks and improve water quality to the overall benefit of the environment.”

Longietti said that in November, the stream restoration project received an initial $31,000 in funding from the Commonwealth Financing Authority.

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