Sen. Brooks Announces Grants to Promote Connectivity and Walkability in Springfield Township and Borough of Stoneboro

HARRISBURG (November 19, 2021) Multi-modal projects in Springfield Township and the Borough of Stoneboro have been awarded state grants to improve connectivity and walkability, Senator Michele Brooks announced today after the proposals were approved at a meeting of the Commonwealth Financing Authority this afternoon.

Springfield Township will receive $295,120 to make way for safer walking and biking along the Route 208 Trail. The Borough of Stoneboro will receive $294,880 in funds for sidewalk replacement, augmenting a grant approved earlier this year for $275,000 to also promote walkability within the borough.

“This funding for public improvements for the latest phase of the Route 208 Trail will provide greater connectivity and not only help residents and tourists as they travel around the outlets, but increase the value and appeal of bordering properties,” Brooks said. “These improvements can help people walk and bike more safely and easily, while also serving as a catalyst for new jobs and recreational opportunities, as businesses locate here.”

“Safety and walkability are oftentimes identified as among the priorities families consider when selecting a new home or neighborhood,” Brooks added. “This grant helps to meet the demand for walkable, easily accessible places in our communities.”

“I always look forward to working to meet the needs of our local communities,” Brooks said.  “Please do not hesitate to contact our offices to see how we can partner together to enhance our hometowns.” 

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