Reduce Car Insurance Costs by Taking Safe Driving Course July 6

HARRISBURG – Sen. Michele Brooks invites senior citizens to complete a four-hour driver safety course at the Wesbury United Methodist Community in Meadville on Friday, July 6.

By refreshing their driving skills, older Pennsylvanians are eligible to receive a five percent discount on their automobile insurance premiums for three years. 

“The laws and rules of the road are changing all the time; so are the features of newer cars,” Sen. Brooks said.  “This course is designed to help drivers keep abreast of the latest laws and developing technology.  It also helps them save money on car insurance and stay safer on the roads so they can drive for years to come.”

The course was developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) in conjunction with Pennsylvania-based insurance companies.

Wesbury is located at 31 N. Park Avenue in Meadville. 

“I hope seniors will sign up for this course,” Sen. Brooks said. “It can save them money in so many ways—in insurance premiums, medical treatment, car repairs, traffic tickets, and more. More importantly, it can save families the heartache of losing someone in a car accident.  Education can help keep senior drivers safer on today’s busy roadways and help them maintain their independence and quality of life.”

To register, please call 800-559-4880 or visit

Contact:           Diane McNaughton                              (717) 787-1322




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