Senate Approves Fiscally Responsible State Budget

The Senate today (June 30) approved a Fiscal Year 2015-16 budget plan that provides increased state support for education, agriculture and other key services and programs without adding to the tax burden of Pennsylvania families, according to Senator Michele Brooks.

House Bill 1192 is a balanced budget that includes no new taxes or tax increases and approximately $200 million in new money toward education.

“Just like home, responsible budgeting is not what you wish you had to spend or what you would like to spend, it is about only spending what you can afford, responsibly,” said Senator Brooks.  “This budget significantly invests in our children’s future with approximately $200 million in additional education spending, while recognizing that spending money you do not have only burdens our children’s future with debt they would have to repay.  Overall, Pennsylvania now spends approximately 41 percent of the entire General Fund budget on K through 12 and higher education.”

The budget contains approximately:

  • $30.1 billion in total state spending.
  • $100 million new state dollars for basic education.
  • $20 million more for special education.
  • $30 million more for early education, including Pre-K Counts and Head Start.
  • $300 million in savings for the state and school districts to pay for capital improvements.
  • $45 million across the board for higher education.
  • $2.8 million to address avian flu in helping to protect our food supply.
  • $23 million in additional spending for agriculture.
  • Expanding community-based services for seniors to help keep them in their homes and communities.

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