Senator Brooks Hails Waiver of Fees for Volunteers

Senator Michele Brooks hailed today’s announcement by Governor Wolf of the waiver of fees for mandated state background checks for volunteers beginning July 25.

Senator Brooks, in her role as Chair of the Senate Aging & Youth Committee, was part of a bicameral, bipartisan group of legislators that worked with the Administration to address concerns about the $10 fees charged for the Department of Human Services child abuse clearance and the Pennsylvania State Police background checks required for volunteers.

The Governor today announced the waiving of those fees for volunteers and a reduction of those fees for all other applicants from $10 to $8.

“The fees were placing a serious financial burden on the volunteer organizations that provide special services and programs for many segments of our communities.  The implementation of these background checks went far beyond what was intended.  We are continuing to work on this issue to address other concerns to overly board interpretations,” Senator Brooks said. “This was an issue that brought members of all four caucuses together to work cooperatively to find a way to ease that burden on volunteers. I am extremely pleased that Governor Wolf has taken the proper steps to help our organizations.”

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