Sen. Brooks: Funds Awarded for Infrastructure Improvements in Linesville

(HARRISBURG) October 20, 2021—Sen. Michele Brooks announced that Linesville has been approved for $1,073,220 in funding from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PennVEST) to replace cast-iron and lead piping installed at the turn of the century.

The support comes in the form of a $655,737 grant and a $417,483 loan.

The project affects residences connected to the existing four-inch cast iron line on East Erie Street to the intersection at Chestnut Street, and one fire hydrant with   lead components.

The proposed project will abandon approximately 2,040 feet of existing four-inch lead-jointed cast iron line and replace with new eight-inch plastic pipe. The replacement pipe will be installed under the current sidewalk, keeping the existing line in service during construction.  All service lines on the Borough side of the curb stop, all curb stops, and one fire hydrant with lead components will be replaced. Any residential lead service lines found during the construction will also be replaced.

The existing system serves 467 residential customers with a population of 1,172.

“This significant investment for these much-needed improvements helps residents with the overall cost of these projects, which can be cost-prohibitive for our communities and businesses,” Brooks said.  “As our infrastructure ages, proactive investments ensure that residents have the resources they need, maintenance costs are reduced, and new businesses have the tools they need to grow, enhancing opportunities for the entire region.  Working together, we can lay a strong foundation for the future.”

In July, Linesville also received a $775,994 grant for the replacement of cast iron lines. 


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