Sen. Brooks Announces Grant Awards for Blight Remediation in Greenville, Meadville and Union City

HARRISBURG (May 25, 2021) – Greenville, Meadville, and Union City have been awarded state grants to fight blight, Senator Michele Brooks announced today after a meeting of the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA). 

In the Greenville project, the borough plans to conduct demolition and rehabilitation at seven structures along Main and Shenango streets, with $212,000 in CFA help advance the effort.

The Meadville project will devote $125,000 to focus on the structure at 778 Water Street, an abandoned building that was once a gas station and has now become a safety hazard due to the emergence of a sinkhole on the site.     

Union City will receive $125,000 for two vacant and blighted properties within the city’s historic downtown.  The Higby building was damaged by a tornado in 2013 and has been vacant ever since.  The second property is the Union City Dinor, which is also vacant and structurally deficient.  

“Funding for these projects will help to increase the value and appeal of properties in the community, and can be a powerful catalyst for new jobs, economic growth, and a larger community resurgence,” Brooks said. 

“These grant funds will build on the community’s investment in these critical areas of our hometowns,” she added.   “I always look forward to working with residents to meet the needs of our local communities.  Please do not hesitate to contact my office to see how we can partner together to enhance our hometowns.” 

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