Sen. Brooks Announces Grant Awards for Jamestown, Mercer and Stoneboro Boroughs, and Rockdale Township

HARRISBURG (April 21, 2021)Mercer, Jamestown, and Stoneboro Boroughs have been awarded state grants for infrastructure needs that will help promote job creation, economic growth, community walkability, and access, Sen. Michele Brooks announced today.

Rockdale Township will join these three boroughs in receiving a grant from the Multimodal Transportation Fund, all approved this morning by the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA). 

Mercer Borough will receive $136,724 in funding to replace the McKinley Avenue Bridge, opening the door to the revitalization and growth of this business site.

The McKinley Avenue Bridge has connected borough residents with Reznor Manufacturing buildings and Findley Avenue residents since 1976, but is in dire need of replacement, Brooks said. Allowing the bridge to remain in its current condition has limited the ability of most industries to utilize the Reznor buildings because of reduced weight limits on the bridge.

“Funding this bridge replacement helps to increase the value and appeal of this property, can be a catalyst for new jobs, and aids in its future success,” Brooks said. 

Jamestown will receive $220,000 for the construction of Water Street Community Park. The project will include new benches, picnic tables, a grill, landscaping, lighting, and ADA-accessible sidewalks and spaces.

“This investment will build on the success of the kayak launch, help to bring tourism back to our hometowns, and enhance community resources for our families to gather at this new neighborhood park,” Brooks said.

In addition, Stoneboro will receive $275,000 to promote the walkability of the borough.

“This significant grant award will help with connectivity in this rural community, allowing people to walk or bike to places more safely and easily,” Brooks said.

Rockdale Township was also awarded $188,276 to upgrade Wilkie Road.

“I always look forward to working with folks to meet the needs of our local communities,” Brooks said.  “Please do not hesitate to contact my office to see how we can partner together to enhance our hometowns.”

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