Brooks Announces “Green Light-Go” Support for Hempfield Township

HARRISBURG (October 7, 2019) Sen. Michele Brooks announced that Hempfield Township in Mercer County is one of 24 municipalities across the state chosen to receive a state Green Light-Go grant.

The grant has been approved for $44,292, in order to upgrade pedestrian signals and develop optimized traffic signal timings in Hempfield Township.

It is part of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT’s) “Green Light-Go” program.

“The traffic signal improvements supported by the Green Light-Go program help our communities reduce congestion, ease traffic flow, and promote safer travel,” Brooks said.  “In today’s world, most of us spend a large portion of our lives in the car. This grant will help us make our travel times more efficient and ultimately safer.”

Green Light-Go grants reimburse municipalities for updates to improve the efficiency and operation of existing traffic signals. Grant funding through the program may be used for a range of improvements, including light-emitting diode (LED) technology installation, traffic signal retiming, special event planning, traffic signal monitoring, and upgrading traffic signals to the latest technologies.

“By improving our infrastructure, we increase our potential to significantly strengthen our local economy, quality of life, and jobs picture for northwestern Pennsylvania, moving forward.”

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