Brooks, Longietti: $225,000 in state grants will help connect Mercer County residents to recreational activities, amenities

HERMITAGE – Sept. 17, 2019. Two state grants totaling $225,000 will help fund projects to construct and rehabilitate pedestrian trails in Hermitage and extend an existing bike trail to connect sections of Greenville to the athletic complex in neighboring West Salem Township, state Sen. Michele Brooks, R-Crawford/Mercer/Erie/Warren, and Rep. Mark Longietti, D-Mercer, announced today.

Brooks  said, “I appreciate the opportunity to continue to work with the City of Hermitage and the local community in moving forward the Town Center project, which has the potential to be truly innovative and transformative.”

Regarding the bike trail project, Brooks added, “Like the Hermitage Town Center project and its goal to enhance interconnectivity, it is my hope that this funding will promote greater connectivity within the businesses of Greenville’s downtown area, the Thiel College campus, and the athletic fields and recreational areas in our beautiful community.”

“I’m thrilled that we were successful in our efforts to obtain these grants,” Longietti said. “Quality of life for residents depends on having easy access to recreational facilities and other community amenities. The grants announced today will lay the groundwork for projects to extend existing trails and create new ones that will bring residents together and help them better enjoy all the activities our community has to offer.”

The details of the grants are as follows:

  • The City of Hermitage will receive $150,000 to help fund construction and rehabilitation of a pedestrian trail that will connect existing and new recreation trails to the trail system at the Hermitage School District, the Rodney White Olympic Park and the future Town Center development. The total project cost is $280,543.
  • The Mercer County Trails Association will receive $75,000, for the first phase of a project to connect residential Greenville, the commercial downtown, Thiel College and Riverside Park with the athletic fields in West Salem. The grant will help fund a plan to identify and obtain permits, define the route, identify wetlands, develop a plan to mitigate wetlands impact, and obtain the necessary surveys to negotiate easements, among other activities. The total project cost is $99,250.

Brooks said the funding was awarded by the Commonwealth Financing Authority under the state’s Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program.

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