Brooks, Nesbit Announce State Support for Grove City Airport

HARRISBURG – August 28, 2019– Sen. Michele Brooks joined Rep. Tedd Nesbit in announcing that a $142,500 grant was approved for Grove City Airport in Mercer County.  The funds will be used to acquire equipment to remove brush and support the ground handling of aircraft.

“Local airports are an important piece of our economy and our community,” Brooks said.  “I thank Grove City officials and the airport management team for keeping this component of our travel pathways active.”

“The airport is a critical part of our community, and I am glad we could facilitate providing state funding to ensure its continued viability,” Nesbit said.

The funds were approved through PennDOT’s Aviation Transportation Assistance Program, the Aviation Development Program, and the Multimodal Fund.  Grove City is one of the only boroughs of its size to own and operate a local airport.

“These key investments in critical infrastructure have the potential to significantly strengthen our local economy, boost commerce, and build our jobs picture for northwestern Pennsylvania,” Brooks said.


Diane McNaughton
(717) 787-1322
Sen. Brooks’ Office

Brooke Haskell
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Rep. Nesbit’s Office

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