Brooks Announces State Support for Jamestown Municipal Authority

HARRISBURG (July 17, 2019) Sen. Michele Brooks announced that the Jamestown Municipal Authority will receive more than $2.3 million in the form of a grant and a loan for its Liberty Street Pump Station Improvement Project.  The support was announced at today’s meeting of the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PennVEST). 

Specifically, Jamestown will receive a $918,850 loan and a $1,243,150 grant through the PennVEST program. The Authority’s existing wastewater treatment plant and Liberty Street Pump Station were built in the 1960s, have outlived their useful life, and need significant upgrades and replacement.

“Without the PennVEST grant, user fees would have increased even more significantly.  This support will help residents and provide reliable infrastructure for the community and its future growth,” Brooks said.


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