Sen. Brooks Supports Bill to Crack Down on Drug Dealers Who Cause Serious Bodily Injury

HARRISBURG—(June 28, 2017) State Sen. Michele Brooks joined her colleagues today in unanimously approving legislation to crack down on drug dealers whose trade results in serious bodily injury.

Senate Bill 662, introduced by Sen. Camera Bartolotta, builds upon current law, which allows prosecutors to charge drug dealers for a crime of “drug delivery resulting in death.” 

Cases in which an illegal drug user does not die, but is seriously harmed, would become a misdemeanor of the third degree.

“This bill allows district attorneys to hold drug dealers accountable for the injuries they cause,” Sen. Brooks said.  “As the heroin and opioid epidemic takes an average of 10 lives a day in Pennsylvania, our laws must get stronger and tougher on drug pushers.”

Serious bodily injury is defined as something which causes a substantial risk of death or which leads to serious permanent disfigurement, or loss of impairment of a body part or organ.

The bill now goes to the House for its consideration.

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