Volunteer Fire Company Grant Program Now Open

Senator Michele Brooks is encouraging volunteer fire companies serving rural areas and communities with fewer than 10,000 residents and where forest and brush fires are common, to apply for matching grants of up to $7,500 for training and equipment purchases directly related to fighting brush and forest fires.

Funds from the Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Program, administered by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), may be used for purchasing mobile or portable radios, installing dry hydrants, performing wildfire prevention and mitigation work, training wildfire fighters, or converting and maintaining federal excess vehicles to be used for fire suppression.

Grant applications must be electronically submitted through DCNR’s eGrant webpage by May 21. Applicants should visit www.dcnr.state.pa.us and click on “Apply for Grants.”  More information is available by contacting the bureau’s Division of Forest Fire Protection at (717) 787-2925 or emailing ra-ffp@state.pa.us.

Contact:          Michael Hengst (717) 787-1322



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